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Dec 23, 2018

Sonny and his best feathered friend, Bono Duck, visit the pre-k kids for a very special reason. 

*Don't miss the end of show to hear Bono's surprise musical gift.


Several years ago, at the beginning of the Christmas season, I received a call that resulted in a wonderful tradition that continues to this day.

Connie Haiduk and Tanya Weis are dedicated pre-K teachers at San Antonio Academy whom I think of as angels because of their special invitation to me and my feathered friend, Bono Duck to entertain 5-year-old boys they teach daily at the academy.

What has made that first visit and all the others, since, even more special is the generosity of these little guys and their parents. Each brings one or more toys that I then distribute to the underprivileged children served by The Sonny Melendrez Community Center located on San Antonio’s West Side.

This year, as every year since Ms. Haiduk and Ms. Weis contacted me, Bono and I have visited the pre-k classroom, now taught by two more angels, Trisha Sinclair and Marci Gutierrez. For this, I am so grateful.

This year is no exception. After 2 decades, the tradition of teaching children the value of giving to others less-fortunate continues!

Links: San Antonio Academy Facebook Page