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Sep 29, 2019

Burt Ward connected with Adam West within 5 minutes of meeting him as they auditioned together for the roles of Batman and Robin. It was an American television series that would become a worldwide phenomenon. 

In this exclusive interview, Burt talks with Sonny about his amazing career, resulting from the role of a lifetime.  You'll hear about..

  • His performance on ice at age 2
  • The serendipity that led to landing the role of Robin on the Batman series and how his innocent naivete worked in his favor
  • The two things his producer told him to do that would serve him well throughout his lifetime
  • The freedom he and Adam had on the set to write their own lines
  • The danger he faced in the first week of shooting and why he didn't have a stunt double
  • How he and his wife Tracy have saved over 15,000 dogs in the past 25 years

Listen and be inspired by the story of this remarkable icon!

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