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Nov 24, 2019

It was November 2010. While hosting a conference in Ft. Worth, I reconnected with my dear friend, Brad Stewart. After dinner, he invited me to a rehearsal for his church choir.

When we arrived at the small church in Arlington, he asked me to come and sit in the choir.

I said, “Brad, I don’t sing.” He said, “You don’t have to. Just sit with us.”

As they began to sing, I closed my eyes and there, in the middle of the choir, I felt “surrounded” by the voices of angels.

The voices of God.

This became the inspiration for the song, Surround, on Brad’s new album, “Saved From The Fire.” It is one of a handful, I’ve had the honor of co-writing with my longtime friend.

It is with great pleasure that Bradley Jay Stewart is my guest on this week’s radio show. I know you’ll be inspired by his story, as we premiere “Surround.”

~Sonny Melendrez

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